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Upcoming Events


Global Chef Competition

Global chef competition is going to be a coveted event of SICGM. This is an initiative to bring the aspiring talents under the lime light. At SICGM we believe that many potential talents are hiding in place where the light of success did not reach. We want to bring out those talents & want to give them a chance to show case their talents in the industry. This will be a umbrella where they can meet industry veterans & can be mentored by them. This may be a platform to meet future employer also for them.


This is an initiative of SICGM to bring the raw talents on the table. In this regard we are connecting maximum number of schools & colleges. Students of these schools & colleges will get a chance to show case their talents before industry fraternity. Students who are willing to pursue their career in hotel industry can take part in this event. This event is open for graduate & under graduate students. Under graduate and aspiring graduate students who want to be in hotel industry and management of other related industry can have a idea how industry operates through this event.

Food festivals: Arabian Nights A Food Festival

Students can participate in Arabian food festivals. During this festival, mouth watering delicacies from different Arabic region ranging from soups, main course to desserts will be served. Tastes for finer things in life lie deep in Arabian culture and exquisite food is inherent part of it. In terms of sheer diversity and aroma, there is hardly any cuisine which matches Arabian cuisine. Loosely called Arabian, the food covers cuisines from countries such as Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Roman and Byzantine empires.

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