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Association & accreditation

We are empanelled training associate of Arunachal University under university-Industry linkage program (UILC).
Empanelled Training Associate
What is ETA?
Empaneled Training Associate is an entity responsible for the trainings. ETA will help in mobilizing potential candidates for trainings. The different implementation modalities and the stakeholders involved for each training module shall be considered as per the prescribed guidelines. Also, ETA shall be engaged as RPL facilitators to conduct the counseling and pre-screening of the candidates.
1.To share technical expertise and course curriculum with the UILC;
2.To facilitate the arrangement of industrial visits/ trainings/ internship of the candidates in industries;
3.To help the UILC in designing course curriculum & syllabus, to identify and induct new programmes, as per the need of the industries from time to time;
4.To create research & development facilities and other infrastructure required for trainings;
5.To arrange soft skill trainings/ student mentoring, etc.;
6.To conduct technical exhibitions / open house seminars, etc.;
7.To coordinate with the UILC in conducting examination activities as per the requirements from time to time;
8.To identify the potential areas of placement and to provide placement opportunity to the candidates;
9.To advice/ coordinate with the industries in identifying the requirements of training programs.
10.To arrange evaluation of programs in accordance with the norms prescribed by the UILC;
11.To undertake all administrative work pertaining to trainings;
12.To monitor the trainings with the help of the UILC;
13.Organize necessary orientation programs for candidates from time to time;
14.To maintain records of the candidates, including their academic credentials, performance, results, fee details, etc.