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Domestic Internship

For most of us, vacations are synonymous to travelling and getting to see new places.  And with travelling becoming a new passion among youngsters, the tourism industry is growing by leaps and bounds. An integral part of tourism is hospitality. The increase in opportunities in hospitality industry made hotel management a hot career. There are many new restaurants and hotels opening up all over India and the demand of professionals is increasing too. A crucial part of hotel management courses are the internships and are given considerable weight age in the final semester exams too.All SICGM students are placed for internship in star hotels in India in last semester. With these experiential learning, students are best equipped to start their career in hospitality industry.Our students are placed for internship in star hotels. The list is endless. A few are Marriot Spa - Jaisalmer, Leela Place Mysore, Oberoi –Cochin   etc…