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Recognition of Prior Learning – RPL

A huge section of India’s unorganized workforce is unskilled and semi-skilled. Most of them pick up skills and knowledge in an informal set up by observing people or working under their guidance or through complete self-learning. As a result, even though they may manage to get a job and earn a decent wage or salary, they may not be able to improve their skills. This also affects their productivity and quality of output. They need access to training programs and support from their employers to skill and up skill themselves. This is where Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can help them get assessed and certified on their current competencies as per NSQF levels. RPL also shows them a path to bridge their current knowledge and skill levels to reach a competency level or go for higher skills for professional growth.
Through RPL assessment and certification, the candidates will be able to align existing competencies with the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) for better opportunities in higher education. Besides creating an equitable system, RPL also helps them explore different options in skilling and up skilling to bridge the knowledge and skill gaps.
By getting the workforce certified under RPL, the industry gets the dual advantage –
1.Formally recognized skill levels mapped with Qualification Packs (QPs) and job roles;
2.Open different paths for workers to up skill and grow through short term training and bridge courses.
RPL assesses the prior knowledge and skills of individuals and certifies them mainly in the unregulated sector. The objectives of RPL are:
  • Align the competencies of the unregulated sectors of the country with the National Skills Qualification Framework
  • Enhance the chances of employment of individuals and provide them with more options for higher education.
  • Reduce the inequalities that are present due to the privileges given to some types of skills and knowledge over others.
RPL will give an option for personal or career development or to gain credit towards other qualification or learning programs to learners who have skills but do not have certificate to prove it.
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