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Director's Message


From humble beginnings in 2017, the college has evolved as premier institute encompassing dynamic fields of studies. Over the past years, SICGM has made conscious efforts towards redefining and broadening its view in response to the rapidly changing national and global scenario. Grounded in the philosophy on ensuring individual, family and social well-being, some of the defining features of SICGM are its professional culture, vibrant teaching learning ethos, engagement with the issues of social relevance, team work and intrinsic motivation to better the best. Students are trained to become effective, resourceful and forward thinking professionals in different fields.
The college, SICGM is aptly placed in the field of hospitality education. The college has produced renowned & successful hospitality professionals over past years who are well placed at various government and non-government organizations both at national and international levels. The college on the other hand engages in training the students in hospitality management at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Its alumni are absorbed in the relevant renowned hospitality industries as executives & many vital positions. Hence the college has a huge potential for a number of career opportunities for the interested students.